Know All About Vehicle Ramp in Wales

August 11th, 2021

Whether you have recently invested in the vintage vehicle of your dreams or simply considering lowering your car as part of any future modifications, you may find vehicle ramps become a crucial weapon in your garage. Of course, even professionals can forget the good practices for using vehicle ramps. Whether you are a newbie to the world of car enthusiasts or simply require a reminder, here is a rundown of all the potential benefits of vehicle ramps in Wales and how to use them in the correct manner.

The benefits of Vehicle ramps in Wales

Kerbs & steep inclines

From vintage cars to sports models, lowered cars will struggle with kerbs, steps, or even some inclines. A steep driveway, for instance, might scrape against the front & underside of the vehicle and cause potential harm. No one wants to damage their car, and especially a classic sports model.


Vehicle Ramp in Wales is excellent for lowered vehicles and normal cars alike, especially for enthusiasts who spend a significant amount of time working on their cars. While jack & axle stands can be utilised to lift the car, vehicle ramps are more secure especially if you want to work on a sloped surface. For vehicles that have been lowered, the traditional jack might no longer fit underneath the car at all.

Travel & display

People spend a significant amount of time & money on their vehicle, it is no wonder that they want to display & even tour with it. Well, vehicle ramps can support loading these vehicles into containers as well as onto stages and platforms safely and securely, and the accurate type of vehicle ramps must be lightweight and compact enough as well.

Especial Tips To Use Car Ramps Safely

Consider the Weight & length

The most convenient way to assure your vehicle ramps are safe is to double-check they control the right capacity and are the correct length. Their weight capacity will completely depend on your car but remember to opt for the wheelbase and spread of weight. The most reliable vehicle ramps must be tested on different wheelbases to help assure that the load capacity is absolutely reliable for the car.

Safe loading

In order or safely use the vehicle ramp in Wales, it is always preferable to have someone on standby who can guide you throughout the process. Ensure the steering wheel remains straight & drives slowly however, try to load the vehicle in one go rather than repeating the process which can burn out the clutch and eventually make it pretty challenging to load safely.

Securing your vehicle

If you are using loading ramps or a vehicle lift to lift your car for maintenance, you will be required to secure your vehicle on the ramps in the correct manner. So, try to engage the handbrake, leave the vehicle in gear in order to prevent it from rolling back.

Moreover, it is always a healthy practice to use wheel chocks that will help stop the vehicle from rolling. And in case, if you are working on a smooth surface, like a concrete garage, then opt for the rubber wheel chocks since they can render more grip. In addition to this, using a mat or a rug under the vehicle ramps will restrict them from slipping out of place.

Ending Notes

After reading the above-mentioned information, you are well aware of the benefits of using vehicle ramps. We have also shared some of the effective tips that will help you to safely use the Vehicle Ramp in Wales. If you still have any sorts of queries in mind, without any hesitation let us know in the comment section below or directly contact us on our customer care helpline number! On the other hand, you can also send us mail at . We would be happy to help you!

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