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How To Increase Internal Garage Space With a Car Lift?

January 29th, 2021

Are you a public parking structure owner? Do you want to get the most storage space out of your private carport or garage? We can suggest premium garage equipment Wales, including parking lifts, to efficiently maximise your garage space. 

There are top sellers of vehicle ramp in Wales offering double-stacking two-post and triple-stacking four-post garage equipment in Wales for sale, all with the least footprints possible. 

JFR Equipment Ltd specializes in small automotive garage equipment and garage lifting equipment for industrial parking solutions. The parking lifts are fitting in both commercial shops, parking areas, and home garages. 

The integrity of the vehicle ramp Wales and the parking lifts, evidenced by the thousands of systems installed, has endured a constant quality of the top garage lifting equipment countrywide.

While safety and durability are the primary concern, find the best garage equipment repair services in Wales from the top garage equipment supplier and service provider. 

Solve Your Multi-Auto Parking Troubles

When you need to park more cars within a garage space where two or three cars can fit typically, you need a parking lift. The independently operated parking platforms are unlike tandem platforms that make such garage equipment Wales passing the bothersome, time-consuming car shuffle. 

2 Post Lift

A 2 post lift will take up less room, but during the installation of the garage equipment, you should leave at least a 60cm gap beside each post to allow you to get safely down either side. 

When it comes to your garage equipment servicing, things are more accessible on the 2 post lift. Brakes and suspension are easy to serve as the wheels automatically hang down. 

4 Post Lift

With the 4 post lift, you will surely need more room. This garage equipment Wales may permanently be bolted to the floor or built portable using a castor kit. 

4 post lifts are a perfect long term car storage solution as they support all 4 wheels, and when elevated, it makes room for another car to be stored below.

Getting the car on and off the 4 post lift is easier and safer. While with the 2 post lift you need to kneel to place the arms in the right position to adjust the lift pad height, on the 4 post lift, you only need to drive on and off. 


Situations differ, and each garage lifting equipment will have a range of characteristics and specifications. You should take these into account while choosing the right lift considering your need for the parking lift.


While expert garage equipment services will suggest a 2 post lift for small spaces and easy maintenance, 4 post lifts are good for long term garage space freeing up and trouble-free multi-auto storage. 


Are you interested in a 2 post or 4 post lift for a home or commercial garage and are unsure of finding garage equipment repairs near me? See a range of parking lift and other garage equipment Wales options on the JFR Equipment Ltd website. You can also call to consult with the experts to discuss your specific needs. Get in touch today!

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